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UK PCB Manufacture, design & Assembly Of Printed Circuit Boards.

turning your PCB design into reality

UK PCB Manufacture

A true UK manufacturer of quality Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs). Full capability to produce and test your PCB designs with a fast and efficient turn around period.

World Class Approvals

Including ISO 9001:2015, IPC 6011 / 6012 / 6013 Class 3, FM91440, IECQ-P BSI 15.0001, BS123100-003, BS123200-003, BS123300-003, BS123600-003.

Flexi / Flexi-rigid

Flexible Material Polyimide & Polyester Film ED/RA (DuPont, Espanex, GTS etc). Single and double sided Flexi's and Flexi-rigid multi layer UK PCB manufacture.

Prototype to mid range

From a single PCB to thousands, we are able to cater for your needs. Happy to send out PCB's on a schedule that will suit your demands and requirements.

UK PCB Assembly

The UK manufacturing facilities in our factory enable us to produce prototype or production quantities, throu hole & surface mount, single and double sided.

UK PCB Design

UK PCB design and layout services. Simple design to complex RF boards, conventional with throu hole components to multi layer with surface mount.

Rigid / Multi layer

Single & Double sided PTH PCB's, Multilayers up to 64 layers. Copper weight from a few Microns to 32oz plus. Many different substrates available.

Exotic substrate materials

Vast experience in handling many different substrates including Alumina, Foams, FM300, Omegaply, Rogers, Arlon, Taconic, Polyfon, Aluminium, Nelco etc...