Welcome to PW Circuits LTD a UK manufacturer of printed circuit boards. From our site in Leicester we support a wide product range of high technology PCBs for the military, medical, aerospace, telecoms and other industries, Our speciality is the manufacture of prototype or small to medium size batches of PCBs. With over 40 years experience in the PCB industry we will work with you to meet your requirement in technology, delivery and cost.

We manufacture a vast range of pcb's with our expertise covering simple single sided boards through to high count flexi-rigid multilayer boards. We have a large experience handling many different types of materials from ceramic to PTFE and everything in between.We also offer an assembly and design service for a one stop solution.

Please explore our extensive website and if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to contact us, you can call, email, live chat or Skype us and one of our dedicated engineers will be able to help you with your enquiry.

We look forward to working with you to produce high quality pcb's at a competitive price.

PCB Product Range

Material Range

• Double / Single Sided • FR4 (Isola, Nelco, Ventec, Panasonic, Kingboard etc)
• Flexi • High Tg FR4 (Isola, Nelco, Panasonic, Ventec etc)
• High Layer Count Multilayer • Polyimide (Isola, Nelco, Ventec etc)
• Flexi-Rigid • PTFE (Rogers, Arlon, Taconic etc)
• Buried & Blind Via's • Rogers (RO3000, RO4000, Duroid, Ultralam etc)
• Controlled Impedance • Arlon (AD Series,TC Series, Diclad, Cuclad, Isoclad etc)
• Sequential builds • Taconic RF, TLY, TLC, TLX, TFR etc)
• Copper / Invar / Copper • Aramid (Arlon, Taconic)
• Microwave / RF • Liquid Crystal Polymers (Rogers, Arlon)
• Micro Via's • Omega ply
• Heatsink Bonding • Metal backed (Aluminium) (Copper) (Brass) (IMS)
• Plating on Ceramics / Aluminium oxide AL2O3 / Aluminium Nitride AIN • Flexible Material Polyimide & Polyester Film ED/RA (DuPont, Espanex, GTS etc)
• Metal backed (Aluminium) (Copper) (Brass) (IMS) • Ceramic (96% / 99.6% Alumina, Al2O3 HPS Si3N4 AIN etc)
  • Foams (Rohacell, Airex etc)