New factory addition, Schmoll PCB drilling. Always improving, always updating.

Schmoll double headed drilling machine

PW Circuits have invested in a Schmoll Two Station CNC Drilling Machine and a LOHR & Herrmann CNC Scorer machine. We are constantly investing in new and improved technology to improve production and quality. 

This Schmoll PCB drilling machine enables us to run two heads drilling on one panel almost halving the time each board takes to process. Speeding up production and reducing production costs for you.  Along with 0.10mm drilled holes and accurate depth drilling this machine vastly improve the accuracy of your printed circuit boards. 

The LOHR & Herrmann CNC scorer adds to our score plant list to keep production running. In the event of a scoring machine breakdown we can swap and keep your PCBs processing around the factory.  Why score your boards? With more PCB’s on the panel your costs are lower. After assembly, snapping boards into single can’t be easier.

Talking of drilling do you know what the correct annular ring measurements should be for your design? Click here to view our YouTube channel and find out.

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