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IPC approval - 6011, 6012, 6013

P.W. Circuits have achieved IPC approval for IPC 6011, 6012, and 6013 (Class 1, 2, & 3) for our PCB’s under the IECQ / IPC scheme.

A copy of our new certificate is available on our quality approvals page.

IPC 6011 guidelines establish general requirements for printed boards and outline the level of quality and reliability they must meet.

IPC 6012 is a standard generated for the quality and performance of rigid PCBs. This specification creates the qualification and performance requirements for the rigid PCB fabrication. These specifications are applicable to metal core PCBs, multilayer, single side, and active/passive embedded PCBs.

IPC-6013 is the standard for the qualification and performance for flexible circuits, including both flexible and rigid-flex PCBs.

The IPC approval standard specifies three class definitions, which reflect the level of quality from lowest to highest. The major difference in classifications is the degree of inspection required.

  • IPC 6011 Class 1 Electronics: General Electronics Products
  • IPC 6011 Class 2 Electronics: Dedicated Service Electronics Products
  • IPC 6011 Class 3 Electronics: High-Reliability Electronics Products, with little room for error.

While we certainly strive to create reliable boards, it’s important that you accurately specify the class of board you want. If you want to meet IPC Class 3 standards, work with us as we have the 3 “E”s relevant to your project:

  • Expertise
  • Equipment
  • Experience

If your electronics support human life or safety, it’s especially crucial to share this information with the us.

More details can also be found directly from the Institute of Printed Circuits website.

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