Celebrating 50 years of PCB Manufacture

With continued investment in training, quality systems, new processes, and equipment 2018 has been a busy year.

Christmas 2018 YouTube screen grab

Some of our staff getting ready for the Christmas break. Click to watch the video.

Quick review of 2018

Firstly I’d like to thank our loyal staff for their efforts, 2018 has seen a significant increase in sales revenue.

We’d also like to thank our customers for their loyalty and continued support in the UK manufacturing industry. May we wish you all a very merry Christmas and a prosperous 2019. 

UL Improvements

Not only adding Elite (E150504), Kingboard (E123995), and Ventec (E214381) to our UL list of approved materials but we’ve also increased our unpierced area from 6″ approval to 10″ approval giving us one of the best bond strength approvals of any PCB manufacture.

If you would like to find out more about the significance of the unpierced area and bond strength please contact us.

Our BS class three approval continues for PCB’s up to 32 layer

Staff Recruitments

During 2018, we recruited Vicky Trinder as our sales manager. Vicky has been in the PCB industry for over 30 years, has extensive  front  end knowledge and experienced with offshore purchasing.

Our 2 latest employees Emma, completed her inspection to class 3, in house BS lab training with Joe trained in pulse plating.

Dalip completed 40 years service, again this type of loyalty and knowledge base is invaluable to our business, many thanks Dalip.

Plant Developments

To complement our 6 Mania test machines we are excited to announce the arrival of our 16 probe ATG flying probe test machine. It will be commissioned in January 2019 with the ability to test 50micron features.

Changes to our desmear chemistry have seen the introduction of Dows A-Gas Chemical systems.

ATG PCB bare board test machine

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