Chocolate coloured printed circuit board

The worlds first Chocolate PCB.

P.W. Circuits is very proud to announce the worlds first conductive chocolate PCB. Just in time for Easter too!

Printed on a biscuit wafer it’s 100% edible, the ideal solution to all those unused prototype boards you no longer use and of course being 100% recyclable it’s very environmentally friendly. The only downside is they don’t react to well to warm enviroments, and don’t even think about using LED lights on them!

All the components are very easy to mount and reposition as they just melt slightly into the chocolate with very little mess.

Just make sure you contact us very soon regarding this fantastic new way of making boards as I suspect that the demand will mean we might run out of chocolate printed circuit boards by midday. Don’t forget that they are also manufactured in our UK factory, in the heart of Britain.

Now in the mood for some real chocolate? How about Choc on Choc, another UK manufactured family run business.

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