Alton Towers PCB workers day out photo montage

PW Circuits goes to Alton Towers

I know you, as our customer, don’t really care if we’ve been to Alton Towers or not. All you want is your PCB’s on time, at the right price, with great quality. And that’s what we do!

But in order to achieve that we need a great team of workers, and everyone needs down time / team building / a little bit of fun. So here are a photo montage of us enjoying, some more than others, the rides of Alton Towers. The main part of the day though, was making sure some of the senior managament rode on the rollercoasters despite the fact that really really don’t like them at all!

We also managed to beat the record for the most number of people on one table in one of the resturrants and got featured on the Alton times internal ‘paper’.

But as we said above, all the means we operate as a team, and with team work we can produce your PCBs, in the UK, to the best quality and price.

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