Blue PCB's. Find alternative substrates for your design.

Stop searching through endless data sheets for substrate information! Introducing our PCB Material Search Tool...

PW Circuits have an exciting new free PCB material search tool on our website that enables you to search for data from over 260 different substrates all in one place.

  • Trying to find an FR4 material that has a certain DK value?
  • Looking for an alternative for a long lead time substrate?
  • What’s the highest Glass Transition temperature (TG)?
  • What is the name of that material Rogers make?

You can now answer all of the above questions and loads more from one page without having to trawl though countless PDF data sheets trying to compare and contrast.

 All available on our website.

Impedance Calculators added too.

We’ve also updated the website to include four basic Impedance calculators to help with any impedance PCBs your creating. Just access them from the menu at the top, under “Material & Impedance tools”.

We are also more than happy to calculate / confirm your calculations using our professional impedance calculators we have to hand, just ask !

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