Homemade text

When is a product "homemade"​?

In the ongoing saga that is Brexit the latest stumbling block coming out of the ongoing deal-making is car manufacture & zero tariffs when exporting to the EU.

One sticking point is the car has to be UK manufactured and what constitutes ‘Made in the uk’. The EU has the standpoint, ‘for UK manufacturers to prove that UK-exported goods are actually British-made, with a specified threshold of British parts, expected to be around a half.’ This apparently includes the engine and other critical components.

Should this thought be carried over to other products too? A prefab house has the individual panels made in the country of origin. UK Clothing has the material UK made. British glasses have the lens made onshore.

Isn’t a PCB then the heart of an electronic device, just as an engine is to a car, and it would need to be UK manufactured for the finished product to have the “Made in UK” stamped on it? 

What other possible free trade tariffs could the EU put on your products exporting to the European Union after we leave that might increase your revenue if they fit the ‘British-made’ requirements?

So when a product has, Made in the UK, is that true? Or is, Assembled in the UK, more accurate?

BBC Article: Brexit: Blow to UK car industry in search for EU deal