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I’m Nigel, a CAD Engineer for PW Circuits and now it appears I’m a YouTube “star” as I’ve just created another informative video explaining PCB annular rings, click the YouTube screen below to watch. If it’s informative then please share it with anyone else who might benefit. You can also visit our YouTube channel to see more videos.

If you have any questions about any aspect of Printed Circuit Board manufacturer, click my photo to email me. I’ll be more than happy to reply back.

How to measure an annular ring and what is the minimum for a standard PCB.

In other news…

As we’ve been able to remain fully open making your PCB’s we’ve also had the opportunity to carry on improving the workflow of our factory to help speed up production without any cost to quality.

  • We’ve invested in a new drill/rout machine. This enables us to speed up those processes by combining them into one system improving time and accuracy for your printed circuit boards.

  • We’ve also moved the drilling workshop to another part of the factory, once again improving the flow of your PCBs through the factory.

  • We’ve added Macor and Polyflon material ranges to our ever-expanded substrate list. Macor is machinable glass-ceramic that remains stable at high temperatures and high pressure. Polyflon is a leading supplier of superior RF/Microwave laminates.

With these improvements & investments, you can be confident when ordering from us that we will be able to deliver your orders for a long time to come.

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