PCB board edge, arcs & copper.

PCB board edge arcs & copper to edge design

In this brief video we talk about the PCB board edge arcs & copper created during manufacture on any internal corner or cut out. Most of the time this arc won’t matter, but when does it? If you are fitting a component in a cut out will there be enough room? If the PCB is fitting into an enclosure, are you sure it will fit? This video explains about the arc left in corners and how to plan for them.

We also talk about having copper up to the PCB board edge. Does the pattern match the board edge after a rout? Can you have copper right up to the edge? And what is a standard minimum gap between an edge and a copper feature? 

All these questions, and a few more, are answered in the video and even if you don’t think it applies to you know, you might just pick up a little knowledge that will pay dividends in the future.

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