Orbotech PC-1450e AOI


Orbotech PC-1450e AOI (Automated Optical Inspection System) has become a valuable part of PW Circuits equipment with a wide range of inspectable products from inner layer signal, power/ground, mixed, buried vias and cross shielding. Outer layer drilled holes, SMT, signal, mixed and cross shielding as well as inspecting phototool master artworks. The PC-1450e along with Frontline Genesis 2000 CAM system means all inspection processes at reference comparisoned back to your original design files. The inspection process will detect any minimum line/space violations, missing or excess features, annular ring violations, opens, nicks, mouse bites, protrusions, shorts, pinholes, copper specks, dishdowns and any wrong size or position of features, all at a speed of up to 158 sides per hour allowing PW Circuits to manufacture any highly complex PCB design in the speed of today’s fast turn around market. At PW Circuits you know your printed circuit boards will be right first time and every time.