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Arlon PCB substrates for Electronics Division develops and manufactures copper clad laminates and prepreg bonding materials for the fabrication of high performance and frequency dependent printed circuit boards. Arlon’s materials are used in a variety of applications, including wireless communications infrastructure, military and commercial avionics, and semiconductor test and measurement equipment.

Please note that Rogers acquired Arlon circuit materials and engineered silicones in 2015 and, as such, not all materials will be available. You can check our Rogers material page to find a suggested alternative. We also have a material search tool to help you find possible alternatives if your first choice is no longer available.

Arlon PCB substrates with the matching PDF data sheet

PCB substrate nameOther InformationData Sheet Link
25N / 25FRData sheet
33NData sheet
35NData sheet
35NQData sheet
37NData sheet
38NData sheet
44NData sheet
45NData sheet
45NKData sheet
47NData sheet
49NData sheet
51NData sheet
55LMNo longer manufacturedData sheet
55NTData sheet
55STNo longer manufacturedData sheet
84NData sheet
85NData sheet
85NTData sheet
91MLData sheet
92MLData sheet
99 SeriesData sheet
AD10Data sheet
AD1000No longer manufacturedData sheet
AD255AData sheet
AD260AData sheet
AD300AData sheet
AD320AData sheet
AD350AData sheet
AD410Data sheet
AD430Data sheet
AD450Data sheet
AD5Data sheet
AD600Data sheet
AR1000Data sheet
CLTEData sheet
CLTE-ATData sheet
CLTE-XTData sheet
CUCLAD Series217/233/250Data sheet
DICLAD Series880/870/522/527Data sheet
ISOCLAD Series917/933Data sheet
PIM Series250/300/320/350/880Data sheet
TC350Data sheet
TC600Data sheet

Click the link on the right to view/download the relivant PDF. Please note that the data provide here is only advisory and you should check directly with the manufacturer website in case of any updates or incorrect data.

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