PCB Assembly

Why not combine the manufacture of your PCB with the assembly all from one manufacturer? This ensures consistency, speedier processing of your product, more affordable pricing and easier order processing.

The PCB assembly facilities in our factory enable us to produce prototype or production quantities with close attention to customer requirements. The quality of the product and ability to manufacture to specified standards are prime factors in the company policy. Producing to the highest specifications, enhanced by full in house facilities, including CAD design, PCB manufacture, assembly and test.

  • PCB Assembly

    Your printed circuit board assembly service involves the manufacturing and production of PCBs where the components are soldered to the surface to create a working design.

  • Surface mount technology (SMT)

    With surface-mount technology, PCB components are fixed to the surface of the board using solder paste. As SMT components tend to be a lot smaller you can fit more onto the PCB or the size of board can be shrunk.

  • Throu hole PCB assembly (PTH)

    Orginal components consist of the component with wire's protruding out and are still popular today. To assemble these components we feed the metal wires through holes on the board. The reverse side has solder applied to it to fix them in place.

  • Single or Double sided

    It doesn't matter if it's a conventional or PTH PCB. Both surface mount technology and/or thru hole components on both sides of the board. We can assemble your electronic designs.

  • Free issue or component sourcing

    Send us your BOM (Bill of materials) so we are then able to source all the components for you and price accordingly. Alternately, you can free issue components you've already purchased.

  • Inspection & test

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 and IPC accredited company. We bare-board test all our PCBs prior to any assembly work and fully inspect the finished board before shipping to you.

  • Components counts of 1 or more

    If you have a simple (or complicated) design but only has one component that requires assembly we are still more than happy to quote. The same goes for a PCB with 100's of components too.

  • Wire and Cable Forming

    With a range of looming methods including, lacing, wire twisting and spiral wrap, available to us we can achieve the best possible outcome for your assembly requirements.

Blue assembled PCB

A key reason for our continued success is being privately owned, allowing greater flexibility in our approach to the market place and clients. Being agile means we are able to stay at the forefront of technology. Following the markets has enabled the business to diversify, which has enriched our knowledge in delivering solutions to our clients.

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