PCB Assembly

The manufacturing facilities in our factory enable us to produce prototype or production quantities with close attention to customer requirements. The quality of product and ability to manufacture to specified standards are prime factors in the company policy to produce to the highest specifications and are enhanced by full in house facilities, including CAD design, PCB manufacture, assembly and test. 


Circuit Board Assembly

Wire and Cable Forming

Mechanical Assembly

Cubical Assembly

Flow Soldering

Surface Mount

Inspection & test

Single or Double sided

SMT and/or THT components

Components counts of 1 or more

We are more then happy to work with you as we source your components for the best price’s available or you can free issue them to us.

A key reason for our continued success is being privately owned, allowing greater flexibility in our approach to the market place and clients. Being agile means we are able to stay at the forefront of technology and following the markets has enabled the business to diversify, which has enriched the capabilities and knowledge in delivering solutions to our clients.