PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

Understanding PCB manufacturing capabilities will help to pick your preferred UK source, with our high standards, it’s an easy choice. The tables below list our manufacturing and finish capabilities. Understanding these will also help you during your design stages enabling you to produce a printed circuit board that isn’t beyond the realms of manufacture. 

Trying to work alongside production standards should result in a cheaper board too, as it will be easier to produce. It should also result in less failures during the factory processes.

Need to know what the minimum tracks and gaps can be on a PCB or your trying to squeeze more onto a board so what is the smallest hole we can drill and plate? A lot can be answered in the table below, but if you have more questions then please get in contact with us or, if it’s in office hours, click on the live web chat on the right and speak to one of our knowledgeable CAD engineers. With the right information at your finger tips during the design and early manufacturing stages you’ll be able to receive your fully working PCB. Manufactured as you intended it to be with minimum, or no, design queries.

PW Circuits is constantly striving to improve itself.  If you have a design that exceeds our capabilities then please get in contact with us anyway. We are always very happy to work with you to meet your requirements!


Layer Count1 – 12 Layers13 – 32 Layers> 32 Layers
Max Board Thickness2.40mm6.00mm10.00mm
Min Board Thickness0.20mm0.10mm0.075mm
Copper ThicknessUp to 105 μm (3oz)Up to 525 μm (15oz)> 525 μm (15oz)
Track & gaps0.13mm (0.005”)0.076mm (0.003”)0.05mm (0.002”)
Annular Ring0.15mm (0.006”)0.10mm (0.004”)0.05mm (0.002”)
Minimum Drill Hole0.25mm0.15mm0.10mm
Aspect ratio8 : 115 : 118 : 1
Blind vias0.40mm0.12mm< 0.12mm

PCB manufacture capabilities

Surface FinishesStandard
HASL ( Tin Lead Non RoSH)5.0 μm – 35.0 μm
HASL (Lead free RoSH)5.0 μm – 35.0 μm
Immersion Silver0.15 μm – 0.20 μm
Electroless Nickel3.0 μm – 5.0 μm
Immersion Gold0.05 μm – 0.08 μm0.05 μm – 0.12 μm
Electroless Palladuim0.20 μm – 0.50 μm
Electrolytic Nickel3.0 μm – 5.0 μm3.0 μm – 7.0 μm
Electrolytic Gold1.5 μm – 3.0 μm0.5 μm – 5.0 μm
Pure soft Gold1.0 μm – 5.0 μm
Organic Solderability Preservatives (OSP)0.10 μm – 0.20 μm

We also have a YouTube channel that has informative videos to help when your designing a board. This may help us during production to achieve the printed circuit board you require. One of the videos explains all about annular ring measurements as mentioned in the tables above. Others will be added over time to increase our customer / manufacturer relationship.