Ceramic PCB Materials

Ceramics like Alumina (Al2O3) and Aluminum Nitride (AlN) are environmentally-friendly substrate materials to replace BeO (Beryllium Oxide) for your RF resistors and terminations for high power application ceramic PCBs. 

We can offer both single (conventional) and double (PTH) sided printed circuit boardsThe thermal conductivity also makes these ideal substrates for high heat components including LEDs.

Alumina ceramic substrates

Kyocera ceramic substrate logo

High-purity alumina setters are ideal for quality improvement and cost reduction. Since high-purity Alumina has excellent corrosion resistance and thermal shock resistance. It is used for setters for sintering and heat treatment.

This is our preferred current Alumina material.

91% / 92% / 96% / 99.6% AluminaData sheet

CeramTec logo

CeramTec is a global leader in the field of production and supply of advanced ceramics and engineers these materials for use in a wide variety of applications. CeramTec supplies with the current portfolio well over 10,000 different products, components and parts made of advanced ceramics.

96% / 99.6% AluminaIntroduction of Ceramic MaterialsData sheet

coorstek ceramic substrate logo

CoorsTek develops and manufactures a great variety of technical ceramics built to withstand extremely harsh environments with outstanding performance.

AD RangeAdvanced AluminaData sheet
96% / 99.6% AluminaDurastrateData sheet

Aluminum Nitride ceramic substrates

Curamik Aluminum Nitride substrate Logo

While most of their products are rather small, they can have a great effect. They are the market and technology leader for ceramic substrates. These products are used almost everywhere in our highly technical 21st century world, contributing to efficient energy management.

Al2O3 / HPS / Si3N4 / AlNData sheet

Macor Substrates

Macor material logo

Building on Corning’s 160 years of innovation, MACOR® machinable glass ceramic is a solid, trusted foundation that can help you realize your designs quicker. Its unique combination of properties makes it an easily machinable, versatile, and high performing material even in harsh operating environments where precision is a necessity. MACOR reduces fabrication times and is tested to fit complex design requirements even within a short turnaround time, as it remains stable at high temperatures and high pressure.

MacorMacor machinable glass ceramicData sheet

Typical Property Values

PropertyFR4Al2 O3AlNMacor
Dielectric constant (1 MHz @ RT)9.88.9
Dielectric Loss (1 MHz @ RT)<1014<1014
Thermal Conductivity (W /m K)0.8-1.136170-1901.46
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (ppm/°C)36170-190
Density (g/cm3)2.893.30
Bending Strength (mPa)380290
Hardness (Knoop) (GPa)14.111.8
Young’s Modulus (GPa)372331

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Please note that the data provide here is only advisory and you should check directly with the manufacturer in case of any updates or incorrect data.