Copper Invar Copper PCBs

Copper Invar Copper PCBs was introduced into the printed circuit board industry to combat the differing coefficient of thermal expansion encountered when bonding very dissimilar materials together.

In high temperature environments Copper Invar Copper is sometimes use to strengthen the printed circuit board and control expansion.  Application areas include special circuits, metal cores and heat sinks. User benefits include Superior dimensional stability, Inherent ground and power plane, and CTE match with ceramic chip carriers.

copper invar copper

Invar, also known generically as FeNi36, is a nickel–iron alloy notable for its uniquely low coefficient of thermal expansion . The name Invar comes from the word invariable, referring to its relative lack of expansion or contraction with temperature changes.

Copper Invar Copper is a layer of invar which is a nickel containing iron alloy sandwiched in between two layers of copper foil. From this stack up we can create your specialised printed circuit board.

copper invar copper build

Copper Invar Copper is readily available in the two thicknesses shown below:

Total ThicknessCopperInvarCopper
0.152mm (0.06″)0.019mm0.113mm0.019mm
0.254mm (0.10″)0.051mm0.152mm0.051mm

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