Plating on Ceramic/Alumina PCBs

PW Circuits have been and will continue to work closely with several of our chemical suppliers, material suppliers and our customers to develop new and innovative techniques for the plating on Ceramics / Alumina PCBs.

We are able to produce both single and double sided (PTH) PCBs on various exotic ceramic substrates like Alumina and Macor. More information can be found on our ceramics material page.

We have a large range of expertise to call from both in house, with our management, process engineers, and our laboratory technicians, and a wide range of external contacts from differing back grounds and fields.

We can offer full ceramic processing from sourcing the base ceramic, Copper plating, imaging and etching, surface plating different finishes Nickel Gold Silver Copper Tin Tin-Lead and laser drill/profiling.

PW Circuits would like to work with you on any projects/products using Ceramic / Alumina materials please contact a member of our sales team for more information.