PCB flexible materials

PCB flexible materials, also known as flexible dielectric substrates, are the foundation of flexible printed circuit boards (flex PCBs). These materials provide the flexibility and durability required for flex PCBs to conform to various shapes and withstand repeated bending.

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DuPont™ Pyralux®

DuPont™ Pyralux® materials have been the foundation of the flex circuit industry for decades. They comprise a broad offering of materials used to make circuitry in a wide variety of applications. These materials enable the design and manufacture of complex circuits for greater functional capacity and miniaturization, while maintaining high reliability.

Pyralux-FRCopper CladData sheet
Pyralux-FRCoverlayData sheet
Pyralux-FRBondplyData sheet
Pyralux-FRAdhesiveData sheet
Pyralux-LFCopper CladData sheet
Pyralux-LFCoverlayData sheet
Pyralux-LFBondplyData sheet
Pyralux-LFSheet AdhesiveData sheet
Pyralux-APCopper CladData sheet

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The ESPANEX series

The ESPANEX series of copper-clad laminated sheets for flexible PCBs was developed using Nippon Steel Chemical's proprietary technology. This series stands out for its lack of adhesive due to the utilization of low-expansion polyimide. ESPANEX has garnered an excellent reputation as an essential component in circuit boards for mobile phones and other devices. Also in drive circuit boards for LCDs (liquid crystal displays), where high performance and reliability are paramount. As semiconductors progress towards higher densities and integration levels, demands are becoming increasingly stringent with regard to rates of dimensional change, thermal resistance, electrical properties, mechanical properties, and other factors. ESPANEX, which enhances these characteristics, has capitalized on this trend and now holds a significant share of the global two-layer CCL market.

ESPANEXM-SeriesData sheet
ESPANEXS-SeriesData sheet

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The KREMPEL-GROUP is an independent producer of high-quality semi-finished products and a leading global supplier of advanced materials. Their electrical insulations, composites, solar and electronic materials, and specialty laminates are highly regarded worldwide. They hold global market leadership positions in many of these sectors. There flexible base materials serve as proven starting materials for manufacturing flexible PCBs. These lightweight, flexible, and space-saving components are being increasingly utilized across all areas of electronics, including mobile phones and automobiles.

AKAFLEX KCL HTCopper CladData sheet
AKAFLEX KCL RA HTCopper CladData sheet
AKAFLEX KDF HTCoverlayData sheet
AKAFLEX PCLCopper CladData sheet
AKAFLEX PCL FWCopper CladData sheet
AKAFLEX PEICL HTCopper CladData sheet
AKAFLEX PENCL HTCopper CladData sheet
AKAFLEX PENDF FWCoverlayData sheet
AKAFLEX PENDF HTCoverlayData sheet

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Founded in 1967, GTS initially provided electrical laminates and heat-activated adhesive tapes to the flexible printed circuit industry. Since then, they have become one of Europe's leading and most innovative designers and manufacturers of flexible circuit materials and adhesive coatings. They have earned a reputation for quality, reliability, and durability. Supplied worldwide, GTS materials offer a vast array of applications, including flexible printed circuitry (CCLs) for the electronics and automotive industries. Additional applications span the aviation, military, and aerospace sectors, as well as data and communications, insulation, and the sports and leisure industries.

ULTRAFLEXGTS 5500Data sheet
ULTRAFLEXGTS 7800Data sheet

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Isola is a leading global material sciences company that specializes in designing, developing, and manufacturing laminate materials for advanced multilayer printed circuit boards. These boards serve as the physical foundations for semiconductors, passive components, and connection circuitry, powering and controlling virtually all modern electronic devices.

SEMI-FLEXmulti-family semi-flexible cores and prepregsData sheet

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Ventec Europe

Ventec Europe is a member of the Ventec International Group, a world leader in the production of high quality and high performance copper clad laminates and pre pregs, with full R&D and product development capabilities. There global distribution means we can readily supply their products to all markets in all geographic areas.


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