PCB Foams Material

PCB foams are a fibre-composite that provides a superior low-loss barrier, better than air, between the radome and the elements in an antenna system. The foams are lightweight, have excellent dynamic strength, and high temperature resistance.

These antennas are commonly used in commercial and military aircraft. The technology is also being used in communications (mobile phone/broadband) equipment.

The process of making RF PCBs with a PCB foams build is our commitment to serve the RF/Microwave industry with the latest technologies.

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With its extremely low dielectric constants and particularly favourable transmission properties in the high frequency region, ROHACELL® HF has been specially designed for antenna applications.

Rohacell foam is a closed-cell, cross-linked polyolefin foam that is commonly used in PCB construction. It is a lightweight, high-strength foam with excellent thermal and electrical insulation properties. It is also resistant to chemicals, moisture, and vibration.


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Core materials are manufactured into very light and yet rigid sandwich panels in combination with two outer skins. The core material distinguishes itself as an easy-to-process material that demonstrates specific attributes such as high strength and stiffness, fire and temperature resistance, temperature and acoustic insulation, resin absorption, and many others.

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We have a large range of expertise to call from both in house, with our management, process engineers, and our laboratory technicians, and a wide range of external contacts from differing backgrounds and fields.

PW Circuits will work with you on any projects/products using Rohacell or Airex materials.

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