Foam PCB Material

With its extremely low dielectric constants and particularly favourable transmission properties in the high frequency region, ROHACELL® HF has been specially designed for antenna applications.

AIREX®C70Data sheet

Core materials are manufactured into very light and yet rigid sandwich panels in combination with two outer skins. The core material distinguishes itself as an easy-to-process material which demonstrates specific attributes such as high strength and stiffness, fire and temperature resistance, temperature and acoustic insulation, resin absorption and many others.

Pyralux-FRCopper CladData sheet
Pyralux-FRCoverlayData sheet
Pyralux-FRBondplyData sheet
Pyralux-FRAdhesiveData sheet
Pyralux-LFCopper CladData sheet
Pyralux-LFCoverlayData sheet
Pyralux-LFBondplyData sheet
Pyralux-LFSheet AdhesiveData sheet
Pyralux-APCopper CladData sheet

We have a large range of expertise to call from both in house, with our management, process engineers, and our laboratory technicians, and a wide range of external contacts from differing backgrounds and fields.
PW Circuits will work with you on any projects/products using Rohacell or Airex materials. Please contact a member of our sales team for more information.

Please note that the data provide here is only advisory and you should check directly with the manufacturer in case of any updates or incorrect data.

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