FR4 PCB Material

FR4 is a composite material composed of woven fiberglass with an epoxy resin binder that is flame resistant (self-extinguishing). Because of this FR4 is the most common substrate used in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) manufacture.

With near zero water absorption, FR4 is most commonly used as an electrical insulator possessing considerable mechanical strength. The material is known to retain its high mechanical values and electrical insulating qualities in both dry and humid conditions. 

Below are a few FR4 manufactures along with their datasheets. If you require a substrate not listed then please get in contact with us. We have most likely manufactured PCB’s using your substrate choice anyway!

FR4 Substrate Manufacturers

Isola logo

Isola is a leading global material sciences company that designs, develops and manufactures laminate materials.  They are used to fabricate advanced multilayer PCBs. This provides the physical platforms for the semiconductors, passive components and connection circuitry that control virtually all modern electronic products.

IS400Tg 110 -150Data Sheet
DE104Tg 110 -150Data sheet
DE156Tg 110 -150Data Sheet
FR408Tg 180Data Sheet
IS410Tg 180Data sheet
370HRTg 180Data sheet

Ventec Logo

Ventec Europe is a member of the Ventec International Group. A world leader in the production of high-quality and high-performance copper-clad laminates and prepregs. With full R&D and product development capabilities. Their global distribution means we can readily supply there products to all markets in all geographic areas.

VT-42Tg 110 – 140Data sheet
VT-481Tg 150Data Sheet
VT-47Tg 180Data sheet

Kingboard Logo

Kingboard Chemical Holdings Ltd established its first laminates manufacturing plant in 1988. The Group now operates more than 60 manufacturing plants. With business activities ranging from laminates to printed circuit boards, chemicals and properties development in China.

KB-6160Tg 135

Data sheet

EMC logo

EMC is the leading material provider for the global technology industry. Mainly concentrating on the designing, manufacturing, and sales of Copper clad laminates (CCL’s) and prepreg. Both products are base materials for the construction of PCBs, on which almost all electronic equipment and devices rely. The performance of the PCBs is determined by the quality and property of CCL’s and prepreg.

EM-827(I)Tg 175

Data sheet

Nelco logo
Park logo

Park Electrochemical is a global advanced materials company that develops and manufactures high-technology digital and RF printed circuit materials. Principally for the telecommunications and internet infrastructure, high-end computing markets and advanced composite materials for the aerospace markets. Park’s core capabilities are in the areas of polymer chemistry formulation and coating technology.

N4000-6Tg 175Data sheet

FR4 Substrate Manufacturers

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Please note that the data provide here is only advisory. You should check directly with the manufacturer in case of any updates or inaccuracies.