Multilayer PCB manufacture

4 layer Multilayer PCB manufacture build example

Multi layer PCBs

Multilayer PCB manufacture are Printed Circuit Boards with three or more copper layers. This is achieved by manufacturing the desired number of double sided boards (called inner layers) and bonding them together with a glue (pre-preg), standard processes are then followed to complete the board. P.W. Circuits have multilayer approval BS123300-003 up to a maximum of 32 layers!

Via / Micro Vias

Micro via’s are connecting holes through the whole board. When there are multiple layers of conductor patterns and you only require some of them to be connected, buried & blind via’s can be used. Buried via’s connect inner layers together but not to the surface layers,. Blind via’s connect one of the surface layers to one or more of the inner layers.

14 layer Multilayer PCB manufacture build example
  • Materials

    There is a huge range of materials available for both single and multilayer printed circuit boards. We have an extensive list of substrate manufacturers and their data sheets. Click the icon to view some of the available Multilayer PCB manufacture substrates.

  • Material search tool

    As mentioned, the amount of substrates available is vast. Not sure what you require. Perhaps you are trying to source an alternative material. Or you just want to know what's available on the market? Our material search tool will help you streamline the available options.

  • Impedance Calculations

    Our site had multiple impedance calculators to help you work out what substrates and thickness etc... you'll require in order to achieve your desired results.

You can submit your multi-layer Gerber (or DXF) files on our online quoting page to get a fast quote back.

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