Plant List

Front End CAM/CAD
•GC-Cam (Graphicode)
•Genisis (Frontline)
•Visual-Cam (Wise Software Solutions)  
•Schmoll Autosystem One, twin station CNC Drilling
•2 Hitachi 4 Head Drill Machine
•Hitachi 2 Head Drill Machine
•6 Excellon Routers
•2 SEL R100 Routers
•Pluritec Vista XR X-Ray Drill Machine  
•X-Check 200 X-Ray Machine
•2 LOHR & Herrmann CNC Scorer
Multilayer Pressing
•Piergiacomi Multilayer Welder
•Accudyne 4 daylight Hot/Cold Vacuum Press
•Mackey & Bouley 4 Daylight press
Wet Processing
•Nubal Brown oxide line
•Permanganate desmear
•Electroless Copper
•Black hole line (Carbon)
•Shadow Line (Graphite)
•Electrolytic Copper / Tin
•FSL film strip / etch / tin strip
•LPISR Curtain Coating
Wet Processing Finishes
•Immersion Silver Line
•Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Line
•Electrolytic Gold Line
•Hot Air Solder Leveler
Inspection/Bare Board Testing BBT
•2 Orbotech Automated Optical Inspection Machines
•4 Mania Speedy Flying Probe Testers
•Polar CITS500s Controlled Impedance Test System
•Polar Tone 0hm 950
•CMI XRF coating measurement System
•Olympus SZX12 microscope
•Scanning electron microscope

The plant list above is only a small selection of equipment at P.W. Circuits LTD.