Plant List

Front End CAM/CAD
•GC-Cam (Graphicode)
•Genisis (Frontline)
•Visual-Cam (Wise Software Solutions)
•Schmoll Autosystem One, twin station CNC Drilling
•2 Hitachi 4 Head Drill Machine
•Micronic Twin Drilling Machine

PW Circuits have three Hitachi drilling machines, two four drill head machines one with fully automated load / unload and a two drill head machine with the capability of drill the same or different drill programmes on each drill head. Each machine is fitted with a drill cassette of 200 drills with sizes from 0.100mm to 6.500mm. With automatic drill size detect, automatic broken drill detect and automatic drill hit counter all coupled with PW Circuits DNC (Distributed Numerical Control) system on all of its CNC machines at PW Circuits you know your printed circuit boards will be right first time and every time.

•3 Excellon Routers
•KLG Alpha Routers
•Pluritec Vista XR X-Ray Drill Machine
•X-Check 200 X-Ray Machine

PW Circuits have four scoring machines; two manual Telmec scoring machines, one semi automatic Multiline scorer, and a Lohr & Herrmann LH 311-D automatic cnc scorer. For small & medium quantity fast turnaround printed circuit board the LH 311-D cnc scorer with it versatility and speed of set up has become a valuable part of PW Circuits equipment, a large bed size of 620 x 620mm, scoring speed of 80 ft/min and quick set up for different printed circuit board thickness from 0.8mm to 3.2mm all coupled with a x-axis resolution position of 0.01mm means both the depth and the position of your score lines will be right first time and every time.

Multilayer Pressing
•Piergiacomi Multilayer Welder
•Mackey & Booley 4 Daylight press
•Mackey & Bouley 4 Daylight press with vacuum
Wet Processing
•Brown oxide line
•Permanganate desmear
•Electroless Copper
•Electrolytic Copper / Tin
•FSL film strip / etch / tin strip
•LPISR Curtain Coating
Wet Processing Finishes
•OSP. Immersion Line
•Immersion Silver Line
•Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Line
•Electrolytic Gold Line
•Hot Air Solder Leveller (Leaded)
•Hot Air Solder Leveller (Unleaded)
Inspection/Bare Board Testing BBT

Orbotech PC-1450e AOI (Automated Optical Inspection System) has become a valuable part of PW Circuits equipment with a wide range of inspectable products from inner layer signal, power/ground, mixed, buried vias and cross shielding. Outer layer drilled holes, SMT, signal, mixed and cross shielding as well as inspecting phototool master artworks. The PC-1450e along with Frontline Genesis 2000 CAM system means all inspection processes at reference comparisoned back to your original design files. The inspection process will detect any minimum line/space violations, missing or excess features, annular ring violations, opens, nicks, mouse bites, protrusions, shorts, pinholes, copper specks, dishdowns and any wrong size or position of features, all at a speed of up to 158 sides per hour allowing PW Circuits to manufacture any highly complex PCB design in the speed of today’s fast turn around market. At PW Circuits you know your printed circuit boards will be right first time and every time.

PW Circuits have four Mania speedy flying probe PCB test machines, each machine capable of testing the most complex printed circuit board designs from fine pitch surface pads to high density BGA’s with the speed that is needed in today’s fast turnaround environment. A 1,000 network point’s printed circuit board tested from setup to pass can be achieved in less than 2 minutes. At P.W. Circuits you know your printed circuit boards will be right first time and every time.

•Polar CITS500s Controlled Impedance Test System
•Polar Tone 0hm 950
•CMI XRF coating measurement System
•Olympus SZX12 microscope

The plant list above is only a small selection of equipment at P.W. Circuits LTD.

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