PCB material search

Looking for an alternative PCB material substrate? Using the PCB material search below you can look for a substrate from over 270 different materials from manufactures including Rogers, Nelco, Isola, Taconic, Ventec to name a few.  You can search for a Dielectric Constant (DK), Glass Transition Temperature (TG), peel strength for example.  Open the instructions box, below, for more details or open the Advanced Search at the bottom to view all the extra fields you can search for.

Don’t worry if your material isn’t on here, the chances are we already have experience in processing it, so send in your quote now.

Sort the data alphabetically/numerically by clicking the header of the field that you want to sort by.

Search all data using the search in the top right, or search individual fields using the search bars at the foot of each column.

In order to access more information for each material, or hide certain columns, click advanced search. You can then select and deselect the attributes you want, then press “Update”, and the new data will appear in the table.

Adding too many columns will cause the data to go off the screen, and it can be accessed using the scroll bar at the bottom.