Metal Backed PCB Material

As a world leader in thermal management solutions, Laird Technologies offers the Tlam™ thermally-conductive PCB substrate system. Tlam™ thermally-conductive PCB substrates provide 8-10 times the heat dissipation compared to conventional FR4-based PCBs. The miniaturation of electronic devices continues to pack more and more power into smaller and smaller packages. The simplicity of the Tlam™ system takes the heat dissipation requirement in stride without significant design changes. The Tlam™ dielectrics are the key to these high-performance PCB substrates. The Tlam™ dielectric provides electrical isolation, thermal transfer, and adhesion layer for the substrates that are created for your specific needs.

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A highly thermally conductive insulated metal substrate (IMS) consisting of an aluminum base, an epoxy-based insulation layer with a high inorganic content filler demonstrating high thermal conductivity, and a conductive foil, thereby realizing thermal resistance equivalent to, or less than that of an alumina ceramic substrate.

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IMS Cobritherm ® is made of an aluminium board, epoxy resin with ceramic mineral charge and a copper sheet. Aismalibar is one of the first manufacturers of metallic substrate laminates in the world, and the first one in Europe. The laminates in Aismalibar are base materials used in printed circuits for several applications such as: The automotive industry, lighting by LEDs, electronic components, power circuits, power supplies, and electrical engineering.

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