New electroless processor line

After running A-gas Circuposit 3000 electroless copper on our specialist products for 5 years, we have now installed a new plasticraft semi-automatic 150 litre tank processor line to move all production to the Circuposit 3000 process.

This enables P.W. Circuits Ltd to give an increased consistent quality on small hole (0.10mm+) plating, covering our full range of base substrates, from simple FR4 to advanced PTFE's and Ceramic's including Alumina.

Circuitposit 3000

Steve Hurst (A-GAS, FAE & Account manager), Paul O’Connor (PW Circuits, Director), and Dalip Mistery (PW Circuits, Q.A. Manager)

IPC Approval

P.W. Circuits have achieved product approval for IPC 6011 & 6012 & 6013 for our PCB's under the IECQ / IPC scheme. A copy of our new certificate is available on our quality approvals page.


Team PW Circuits Make it !

We arrived at the one big bike ride Sunday 29th April all eager and ready to do battle the horrendous wind & rain, for it to be cancelled just before the start time, with Loros only marshalling the 7 mile route. The cancellation was due to flooding along certain sections of the track but after all the preparation we decided to ride the 18 mile course anyway.

After 2½ hours, trudging through mud, huge puddles, streams of water, relentless rain, biting gale force winds and all riders being soaked to the core, the "endurance test" was completed by all.

With donations from employees, employeers, members of the public and the odd traveling salesman popping into the office we raised over £260, well worth the soaking we all got. Thank you to all that contributed !

Electron Microscope

We are always striving to give the best product to our customers. Having invested in a scanning electron microscope we can now view microsections at far greater detail.


P.W. Circuits have the new British Standard approval for Flexible and Flex-rigid PCB up to 10 layers. A copy of our new certificate is available on our quality approvals page.

Schmoll Drilling & Scoring Machine

P.W. Circuits have invested in a Schmoll Two Station CNC Drilling Machine and a LOHR & Herrmann CNC Scorer machine. We are constantly investing in new and improved technology to improve production and quality.


P.W. Circuits have invested in two SEL R100 wet cut driller routers for improved processing of IMS Insulated metal Substrate material (Aluminum backed pcbs) & for processing heatsink bonded pcbs.


P.W. Circuits have new British Standards approval for Multilayer PCB up to 32 layer, 4.00mm Thick, 0.20mm holes, 0.004" (0.1016mm) conductor width / conductor space, Aspect ratio of 16.4:1. A copy of our new certificate is available on our quality approvals page.

Olympus SZx12 / DP50

P.W. Circuits have invested in a new Olympus SZx12 microscope with Olympus DP50 5.8 million pixels camera allowing even more detailed microsection analysis.

X-Ray Drill

P.W. Circuits has purchased a pluritec Vista XR X-ray drilling machine to improve multilayer drill registration.

Half a Hole

P.W. Circuits can now produce burr free plated half hole. Old methods of routing away half the hole resulted in a burr remaining or the plating being ripped out of the hole, but with new processing stages this can now be achieved. Contact us today for more information.

Controlled Impedance

P.W. Circuits have invested in a polar CITS500s controlled impedance system now allowing all testing to be in house.