PCB Manufacturing plant list

The PCB manufacturing plant list below is only a small selection of the equipment used at PW Circuits. With our machinery and indepth knowledge, we are able to manufacture a wide range of printed circuit boards. You know that your boards are UK manufactured, protecting your intellectual property and you are always welcome to visit and see for yourself.

We have strong knowledge of our machinery enabling us to repair onsite reducing down time and preventing delays for your PCBs. We also regularly look to invest in new technology enabling us to offer quicker, and there for, cheaper quotes for your UK manufactured printed circuit boards. 

Click on the links underlined below to view videos of our plant at work or view them, along with informative videos, on our YouTube channel.


Front End CAM/CAD
GC-Cam (Graphicode)
Genisis (Frontline)
Visual-Cam (Wise Software Solutions)

Schmoll Autosystem One, twin station CNC Drilling
2 LOHR & Herrmann CNC Scorer <- click to view the video
Micronic Twin Drilling Machine
3 Excellon Routers
KLG Alpha Routers
Pluritec Vista XR X-Ray Drill Machine
Micronics Drilling machine
Lenz Drill/Router machine

Multilayer Pressing
Piergiacomi Multilayer Welder
Mackey & Booley 4 Daylight press
Mackey & Bouley 4 Daylight press with vacuum

Wet Processing
Brown oxide line
Permanganate desmear
Electroless Copper
Electrolytic Copper / Tin
FSL film strip / etch / tin strip
LPISR Curtain Coating

Wet Processing Finishes
OSP. Immersion Line
Immersion Silver Line
Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold Line
Electrolytic Gold Line
Hot Air Solder Leveller (Leaded)
Hot Air Solder Leveller (Unleaded)

Inspection/Bare Board Testing BBT
Polar CITS500s Controlled Impedance Test System
Polar Tone 0hm 950
Orbotech Automated Optical Inspection Machines <- click to view the video
4 Mania Speedy Flying Probe Testers <- click to view the video
ATG 16 probe tester

CMI XRF coating measurement System
Olympus SZX12 microscope