PCB Types

pCB Types and capabilities

P.W. Circuits are a forward thinking company who would like to work with you to meet your technology needs. Our manufacturing capabilities are continually changing with the purchases of new equipment and on going research and development. All processes are carried out in house allowing us to handle your needs through every process. Below is a small list of capabilities contact us today so we can discuss your requirements with you.

Range of PCB products

General Capabilities

• Standard conductor width 0.005″ 0.125mm / Minimum conductor width 0.002″ 0.050mm

• Standard conductor space 0.005″ 0.125mm / Minimum conductor width 0.002″ 0.050mm

• Standard finished hole 0.10mm (Drilled 0.20mm) / Minimum finished hole 0.05mm (Drilled 0.10mm)

• Maximum aspect ratio 16:1

• Standard annular ring 0.005″ 0.125mm / Minimum annular ring 0.003″ 0.076mm

• Number of layers 32

Lead Times

From standard 15 days to express 24 hours, Consignment Stock can be held at P.W. Circuits Ltd on larger batch quantities.

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