PCB videos

With ever changing PCB design rules you can reduce some of your headaches by working with your PCB manufacturer. When getting them to make your boards, if you discus your design / requirements mistakes can be removed before they occur. Knowing what their design rules are, minimum standards etc you can increase the output and decrease the lead times. Our short PCB videos are here to help you make those changes at the design stage.

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Currently available PCB Videos

Points to bare in mind when ordering a PCB

This short video details what data and information should be supplied when submitting a quote. This will help your manufacturer to create the PCB you are expecting.

The dark art of PCB Annular rings

Working out the annular ring measurement, what the minimum can be and why a PTH hole is different are all topics covered in this video.

PCB Legend design guide

What can you do with your PCB silkscreen that will not only benefit you but also your manufacturer during production?