PCB videos

With ever changing PCB design rules you can reduce some of your headaches by working with your PCB manufacturer. When getting them to make your boards, if you discus your design / requirements mistakes can be removed before they occur. Knowing what their design rules are, minimum standards etc you can increase the output and decrease the lead times. Our short PCB videos are here to help you make those changes at the design stage.

Check out our YouTube channel, PW Circuits – YouTube, or watch our informative videos below. Helping you with your PCB design and manufacturing processes so you can receive the right board for the right price, first time, every time.

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Currently available PCB Videos

Points to bare in mind when ordering a PCB

This short video details what data and information should be supplied when submitting a quote. This could help speed your your quote and ensure your manufacturer creates the PCB you are expecting.

The dark art of PCB Annular rings

How do I work out the annular ring measurement on a printed circuit board? What is the minimum hole size we can drill?  Why is a PTH hole different to a NPTH hole? These are some of the questions we answer in this video.

PCB Legend design guide

Often overlooked, the design, placement and formating of a PCB legend can be vital. Just a few simples checks and changes can tansform your assembly processes. This video might just change some of your bad habits too.

PCB Finishes

What is the difference between HASL and ENIG? Do I need RoHs compliance? Will Immersion Silver solder better than Hard gold? This video should hopefully answer your PCB questions regarding finishes.

PCB board edge arc design guide

In this brief video we talk about the arc created during manufacture on any internal corner or cut out. We also talk about having copper up to the PCB edge.

PW Circuits machines (Making Printed Circuit Boards / PCB's)

Just a few PW Circuits machines in action making your PCBs. Drilling, AOI Inspection, BBT testing, scoring, and routing all in our UK based factory.