Rogers Corporation PCB Materials

In our Advanced Circuit Materials Division, we manufacture high frequency laminates for applications in the wireless base station, aerospace and defense, automotive, high-speed digital and advanced chip packaging industries. All of our products are manufactured in an ISO-9001:2105 certified facility with "ahead of the curve" process technology. 

RO3000 SeriesRO3003 / RO3006 / RO3010Data sheet
RO3035Data sheet
RO3200 SeriesRO3202 / RO3206 / RO3210Data sheet
RO3730Data sheet
Rogers 3001Bonding FilmData sheet
RO4000 SeriesRO4003C / RO4350BData sheet
RO4400 SeriesRO4450T / RO4450F / RO4460G2Data sheet
RO4500 SeriesRO4533 / RO4534 / RO4535Data sheet
RO4730Data sheet
RT / duroid5870 / 5880Data sheet
RT / duroid5880LZData sheet
RT / duroid6002Data sheet
RT / duroid6006 / 6010LMData sheet
RT / duroid6202Data sheet
RT / duroid6202PRData sheet
RT / duroid6035HTCData sheet
ULTRALAM 30003850
Data sheet
ULTRALAM 30003908Data sheet
XT / duroid8100Data sheet
XT / duroid8000Data sheet
SYRON 7000Data sheet
SYRON 7100Data sheet
TMMTMM3/TMM4/TMM6/TMM10/TMM101Data sheet

Please note that the data provide here is only advisory and you should check directly with the manufacturer in case of any updates or incorrect data.