Rogers PCB Substrates

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In their Advanced Circuit Materials Division, Rogers PCB Substrates are high-frequency laminates for applications in the wireless base station, aerospace, and defense, automotive, high-speed digital, and advanced chip packaging industries. All of their products are manufactured in an ISO-9001:2105 certified facility with “ahead of the curve” process technology.

Below is a list of some of the substates Rogers produces. Contact us if the material you require isn’t listed!

RO3000 SeriesRO3003 / RO3006 / RO3010 / RO3035Data sheet
RO3210Data sheet
Rogers 3001Bonding FilmData sheet
RO4000 SeriesRO4003C / RO4350BData sheet
RO4400 SeriesRO4450T / RO4450F / RO4460G2Data sheet
RO4500 SeriesRO4533 / RO4534 / RO4535Data sheet
RO4730Data sheet
RT / duroid5870 / 5880Data sheet
RT / duroid5880LZData sheet
RT / duroid6002Data sheet
RT / duroid6006 / 6010LMData sheet
RT / duroid6202Data sheet
RT / duroid6202PRData sheet
RT / duroid6035HTCData sheet
ULTRALAM 30003850
Data sheet
ULTRALAM 30003908Data sheet
XT / duroid8100Data sheet
XT / duroid8000Data sheet
SYRON 7000Data sheet
SYRON 7100Data sheet
TMMTMM3/TMM4/TMM6/TMM10/TMM101Data sheet
MAGTREX 555Data sheet

If you are struggling to find the right substrate for your PCB design? You can use our PCB material search tool to find the material right for your project. You can also watch our YouTube channel for PCB design tips.

Please note that the example data provided here is only advisory and you should check directly with the manufacturer in case of any updates or incorrect data.