Double / Single sided PCBs

We’ve been manufacturing double single sided PCBs here in the UK since 1968. With 100’s of years combined experience with our staff, you can be assured of a working board, 1st time, every time. Although these are the simplest boards to manufacture we commit just as much time and dedication as any complicated PCB. We can manufacture prototype numbers up to large batch quantities. You should also check out our assembly services too, for a complete PCB quote.

single sided conventional PCB
Single sided conventional PCB profile

Single sided conventional PCBs

Single-sided PCBs are the simplest and the cheapest type of boards. With a single layer of copper on a rigid base material, solder resist and idents can also be added. This type of PCB can be used for both through hole and surface mount components. With through hole components, conventional PCBs have the components sit on the non copper side. With the legs passing through the holes they are soldered from below. The legend / silkscreen is usually on the top side to aid identification during assembly.

Double sided conventional and PTH printed circuit boards

Double sided PCBs consist of two copper layer on a rigid base material, the two copper layers are not connected. This is described as a double sided conventional PCB (figure 2). Double sided PCBs with plated through holes have two copper layers that can be connected by a copper plated hole. This is usually described as PTH PCB (figure 3). Solder resist and idents (legend) can also be added to either or both sides. This type of PCB can be used for both through hole and surface mount components on either or both sides.
double sided conventional PCB
Figure 2
double sided PTH PCB
Figure 3

Contact us if you have any questions on PTH and conventional printed circuit boards or any other aspect of PCB manufacture, design and assembly. You can also check out our YouTube channel to find more resources to help you when designing your board