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Taconic is a privately owned company, specializing in coating of glass fabrics with PTFE

Introducing Advanced Dielectric Division ADD

Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division manufactures PTFE/woven glass base materials for microwave, RF and high speed digital applications. Applications include LNAs, LNBs, PCS/PCN antennas, GSM and UMTS antennas, power amplifiers, filters, passive components, automotive cruise control, aerospace guidance telemetry, phase array radar, etc

TaconicProduct SelectionData sheet
RF-35TCData sheet
RF-35A2Data sheet
RF-35Data sheet
RF-35PData sheet
RF-301Data sheet
RF-30Data sheet
TLFTLF-34 / TLF-35Data sheet
TRFTRF-41 / TRF-43 / TRF-45Data sheet
RF-41 / 43 / 45RF-41 / RF-43 / RF-45Data sheet
RF-60AData sheet
CER10Data sheet
TLAData sheet
TLCData sheet
TLEData sheet
TLPData sheet
TLTData sheet
TLXData sheet
TLYData sheet
TACBONDData sheet

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